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What We Do

Estate Liquidation

Estate cleanouts can be confusing, time consuming, and exhausting.  Even more so if you happen to live in a different town or state from where the property is located.


We will meet with you, either in-person or other form of contact, to discuss your needs and form a plan to make the process run smoothly, giving you one less thing to worry about.


We sort through the contents of the home, separating them between what can be sold, donated, or trashed.  In some cases, items are to be set aside for family members, they will be put in a safe room and staff will not be allowed to enter to avoid any confusion about what is to be sent out for donation, trash, or sold.


If an estate sale is requested we can either host one on-site for you or we can hold an online auction if you'd prefer.  We will do whatever makes things easier for you during this difficult time.  


After all items have been removed from the home, we will perform deep cleaning services to prepare the home for sale or rent.

Move-In/Move-Out/Deep Cleaning

This form of cleaning includes your everyday cleaning (sweeping, mopping vacuuming, dusting, etc.) plus very detailed cleaning services.  The client chooses which of the services they would like to have done.  We offer:

  • Oven, refrigerator, and cupboard cleaning (inside and out).

  • Interior window and windowsill cleaning.

  • Wiping down walls, baseboards and removing cobwebs.

  • Cleaning décor such as pictures, knickknacks, clocks, etc.

  • Cleaning lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.


As someone who has somewhat of a “collecting” problem (we use the term “collecting” rather than “hoarding” because it sounds much nicer) herself, Lisa understands how easy it is to collect stuff and how difficult it is to part with it.


She will conduct a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss the options and formulate a plan to help you declutter and then organize your home.

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